Inversion by Aditya Putcha

ensemble theatre · emh productions · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Thank you all so much for attending the show! We are currently SOLD OUT. If you still want to see the show, visit our Indiegogo Campaign to order a DVD! Copy and paste this link into your browser and off you go:

Adam, a socially awkward mathematician, especially with women, laments his inability to find the hot woman of his dreams to his best friend, Brendan, who seems to get any woman he wants. Thus begins the spiral into dating and love and relationships as Brendan encourages Adam to date a low self esteemed slightly older woman, Rhonda, in order to help Adam learn how to date. In meeting up with Rhonda, Adam finds his hot woman: Natalia, Rhonda’s roommate. Thinking he’s finally met the woman of his dreams, Adam forges ahead with Natalia thinking maybe he can also ease his mother’s concerns about his well being as she declines into her own world of Alzheimer’s. World Premiere presented by EMH Productions.
Reviewed by NoHo Arts District:

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* Fringe Veteran

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