ensemble theatre · katie devoe-peterson · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Written by Siena Marilyn Ledger, “Inosculation” is a dark comedy exploring a complicated, cyclical female relationship.

This coming-of-age story follows Lu and Lynn, two women who find themselves alone in a bar with seemingly only a bottle of scotch in common. As they search to understand their relationship to time and space they realize their connection to each other is more than coincidence.

Moving and symbolic, “Inosculation” seeks to understand the nature of mistakes and the choices that we make.

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production team

U 78829 t 2163046

katie devoe-peterson

U 79199 t 7178564
U 79200 t 6537560
U 79202 t 6369494

brianna machado

set designer, stage manager
U 79203 t 7282644

kathryn ashford

graphic designer
U 79206 t 6786685

joris hoogsteder

U 79263 t 7008380

siena marilyn

U 410 t 7853004

brandon baruch *

lighting designer

* Fringe Veteran

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