Feeling Feeling

theatre · butcher shop productions · Ages 2+ · family friendly · Australia

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What happens after the fairy-tale ending?

a black comedy written & directed by Sarah Doyle

with Kendall Carroll, Jonny Loquasto,
Camellia Rahbary, Leigh Parker & Brandon Bales

Produced by Bryce Pinkos
Sound Design by Andrew Ojeda
Costume Design by Manuel Prieto

LA-based Australian writer/director Sarah Doyle (Forest Blue, Megan Mostyn-Brown, Shiny White Diamonds) returns to the Hollywood Fringe with a phenomenal cast for her thought provoking comedy about love in longevity – FEELING FEELING.

Darla feels too much. She drops her toothbrush down the john and it’s tears before bed. Dave doesn’t feel enough. No matter how bad things get, it’s water off a duck’s back. Who has the problem? Can it be treated? And what do you lose when you’re busy compromising?

Set over the span of twelve years and four consecutive Summer Olympic, FEELING FEELING follows the games and shames of one devastatingly familiar couple, humorously exploring the pandemonium of human emotion and posing the question, is love enough?

“Maintaining a caustic wit…(Doyle’s work) embodies the spirit of the Fringe in its quirky willingness to ask questions and refuse to give platitudes as answers.” LAist (Los Angeles, 2010)

“Some understated but assured writing from Sarah Doyle that handled humour as well as it did pathos. Genuine laughs here, and some moving moments.” – Drum Media (Australia, 2009)

“What? No fumbling female in stupidly high heels desperately seeking love? Yes please, Miss Doyle.” – Alternative Media (Australia, 2009)

“Doyle’s script maintains a satisfying level of gentle humour throughout.” – Sydney Morning Herald (Australia, 2009)

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sarah doyle *

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bryce pinkos

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leigh parker

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manuel prieto

costume design
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andrew ojeda

sound design

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