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May 03, 2017

Stringmates, CAST ANNOUNCED!


LOS ANGELES, CA April 11th, 2017: MB Stage Productions is pleased to announce the official cast list for “Stringmates” by: Amanda Newman. Performing during the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017 at The Actors Company (916 N Formoasa Ave, Hollywood CA 90038) in the Other Space Theatre.

“Stringmates” explores the idea of the word “soulmate”, which is often used to describe someone’s romantic partner. Healthy, romantic relationships are wonderful but, there are many kinds of love, all of which are valid, and necessary. “Stringmates”, uses a combination of language and movement to explore what “soulmate” can mean. As the Writer, Amanda Newman puts it “To encourage the audience to consider all the relationships in their lives.”

After a long selection process Director MaheaLani Leofa and Choreogrpaher Brandon Bolte have finalized their cast for Stringmates. Due to the nature of the piece they needed not only talented actors but talented dancers as well. The cast c


"How 'bout a game?"

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The rules are simple, you must be 21+ to join us at Three Clubs for this...Dinner Party...Yes, you too can drink, it makes it "immersive", right?!


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As the band enters the soundstage to record the soundtrack for a film. But reality and celluloid blur as the power of one real relationship begins to effect a Hollywood happy ending.