Town Hall - Immersive Theatre

events & workshops · hff / noah nelson · Ages 12+ · 90 mins · United States of America

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Topics for the Hall:

  • Registration Deadline Looms
  • What is a Juggalo… um, please excuse… What is Immersive?
  • Press Coverage for Immersive – Possibilities and Pitfalls.

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* Fringe Veteran

Revel in Love in the Time of Taksim

A 3080 m 1855654

Visit Istanbul, Turkey circa 2013 during Taksim/Gezi Park movement (their Occupy) and revel in an unexpected love story peppered with humor and climate change revelations. Not to be missed if you love travel, romance, comedy & planet Earth.

$5 Preview Tickets with Code RISEUP

A 3326 m 2848150

It's 2033. “60 Minutes” turns into “60 Seconds” as the public's attention span disappears but not their sick sense of humor. THE RISING- it's the funniest nightmare you'll ever have.