Airplane LIVE!

comedy · big pink dolphin productions · Ages 17+ · flashing lights · 1hr · United States of America

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The crème de la crème of parody movies, Airplane!, comes to you LIVE on stage in a show that both satirizes and lovingly embraces the comedy classic you already know by heart.

Follow the tormented former fighter pilot, Ted Striker, as he tries to win back the affections of stewardess Elaine Dickenson on the doomed flight 209.

Full of the moments you love, and some new takes you might not expect, this ain’t no passive theater event. Shout out lines, dance, sing and more when you join us aboard the Trans-American Flight traveling from LAX to Chicago O’Hare. Just don’t eat the fish!

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production team

U 47095 t 3167652

chrisi talyn saje *

U 64715 t 7692819

ian stanley *

producer/dr. rumack
U 78797 t 267828
U 78798 t 99293

james blanchard

capt. oveur/kramer
U 78799 t 1408275
U 78800 t 8286924

michael davanzo

U 30955 t 2933007

steve jun *

stage hand
U 78802 t 3171871

genevieve smith

2nd lol girl/tower
U 28515 t 5547961

bert emmett

U 78804 t 8003485

steve west

U 49349 t 6835064

stepy kamei *

roger/1st lol girl
U 28964 t 9809100

thomas oconnor

U 31571 t 2188850

jeremy saje *

sound designer
U 79269 t 2099398

samantha clay

mrs. hammen/mrs. elderly

* Fringe Veteran

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