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ensemble theatre · dharma bum productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

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When Thomas receives a phone call at 5am on the 4th of July from his younger sister Lauren, he is unprepared for the consequences. Nick, Lauren’s drug dealer and friend, complicates Thomas’ attempt at an intervention and Lauren’s struggle to find a new life.

Rooted in the playwright’s own struggles with addiction, Thomas and Lauren Cherry are siblings whose dysfunctional lives “twistedly echo, in a contemporary framework, Tom and Laura in The Glass Menagerie.”

There is no parking lot. You must find street parking and as there are multiple theaters in the area plan on arriving at least 45 minutes before showtimes.

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production team

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c.j. haine

U 78515 t 6327762

brooke haine

assistant director
U 78543 t 9961716

mark craig

U 78876 t 6247802

josh peters

marketing assistant
U 78877 t 3077574

emanuel hernandez

marketing director
U 79332 t 1187788

manny rodriguez

nick garcia
U 79333 t 6842691

liston spence

thomas cherry
U 79334 t 6661296

manik bahl

office manager
U 32646 t 4596567

mary newsome *

officer jennings
U 57687 t 6903272

allison blaize

lauren cherry
U 79335 t 9022410

rosney mauger

officer billings

* Fringe Veteran

If your things could talk...

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A voluntary interactive-improv show where the audience changes the story by buying actor-portrayed objects. Use code ITEM for $5 off ticket price, and bring us an item/new character!

Acting Out, With A Song In His Heart

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