musicals and operas · bucket list theatre · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 50 mins · United States of America

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May 02, 2017


Bucket List Theatre presents MISSMATCH at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Written and Directed by Amanda Conlon.

Based on actual events, this multimedia musical parody follows AC as she navigates her way through the world of online dating, unleashing hilariously disastrous results. Swipe right for show tunes and terrible dates!

Featuring: Amanda Conlon, Dahlya Glick, Geoffrey Kennedy, Lauren Olipra, Patrick Pizzolorusso, Brandon Reece, Sarah Rodenbaugh, Iain Sandison, Chris Yonan

Performance Venue: Let Live Theatre at The Actors Company, 916 N Formosa Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Previews: June 1, 7p
Performances: June 9, 8:30p; June 11, 4p; June 16, 10p; June 17, 4p; June 18, 7p

Tickets: $10
Running Time: 50 Minutes

More Info:

Press Contact: [email protected] or 323-491-3894


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