musicals and operas · bucket list theatre · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 50 mins · United States of America

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Her online dating pain is your musical parody pleasure. Based on actual events, this multimedia musical parody follows AC as she navigates her way through the world of online dating, unleashing hilariously disastrous results. Swipe right for showtunes and terrible dates!

production team

U 78428 t 748009
U 26810 t 6251123

amanda conlon

writer, director, actor
U 79349 t 6326938

dahlya glick

U 45748 t 8097534
U 79350 t 5859225
U 79351 t 9179704
U 79352 t 3769826
U 79353 t 4842282
U 79354 t 3512880
U 79355 t 7440817

chris yonan

U 81854 t 1527373

peter flanigan


Comic-Con the Musical

A 3413 m 6693747

Comic-Con The Musical is a comedy with original music that follows a trio of con-attendees on their path to friendship, artistry, and inner acceptance. Come in Costume and participate in the Costume Contest! There will be a winner each show!

Orange Mango Cabaret

A 3354 m 8330605

The Orange Mango Cabaret features four short plays betwixt with music, comedy, and monologues. Each play is focused on a different aspect of social conditioning that has contributed to the current political predicament.