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June 24, 2017

Penetration Review - What Is Real?

by Elaine L. Mura –

Written, directed, and produced by Peter Foldy, PENETRATION looks at love and sex as a humorous mix of reality and fantasy. Award-winning Foldy has made his mark as an author for film, television, and stage, with other professional contributions as producer, director, and even musician. In fact, “My First Time” ran off-Broadway and has been presented all over the world. Foldy brings his keen perception of people into focus in PENETRATION, a clever comedic romp being presented as part of the 2017 Los Angeles Fringe Festival.

Young Cody Weber (Trent Brown) is in love with a very conservative fiancé (Bree Wernicke) and has taken a purity pledge – no sex until marriage. It’s the night before the 2016 Presidential election, and Cody decides to celebrate by entering an internet chat room with Amanda (Julia Henning), a pretty young model who offers to fulfill his every fantasy. But Cody just can’t bring himself to cheat on his true love. That is, unti


May 20, 2017

This Week: The Opening Night Party, Emotional Terrorism, Humorous Penetration


April 26, 2017

Award Winning Film Director Penetrates The Hollywood Fringe

April 26, 2017

Writer/Director PETER FOLDY presents the cheeky comedy, Penetration, in the Dorie Theatre @ The Complex in Hollywood. A first look press performance on June 2nd at 7:00 pm kicks off this world-premiere run at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Cast: Trent Brown, Julia Henning, Swayde McCoy, Bree Wernicke

The Story: It’s the night before the 2016 Presidential election and young Cody Weber has taken a purity pledge with his conservative fiancé. No sex until they are married – but that doesn’t keep him from visiting an Internet chat room where he meets an attractive young model named Amanda. Overcome by guilt, Cody can’t go through with the encounter but is shocked when Amanda “appears” in his apartment. His roommate, Kyle, is thrilled that his best friend is back to his old self and after a night of laughter and revelation, the prospect of a threesome becomes hard to resist. Is Amanda an apparition or real? Regardless, Cody knows he has a life-chan


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Written by the award winner of 2014 hit Angels and Whiskey and directed by Best Comedy for the DC Fringe winner Branda Lock, we finally answer the question: what happens to gods who have no believers left? Let There Be Thistles: An Ungodly Comedy.