Illusion of Choice: A Magical Experience with Kardenni

cabaret & variety · kardenni entertainment · Ages 13+ · family friendly · 55 mins · United States of America

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Illusion of Choice is a concept show for a live magic performance. A fun engaging experience meant to provoke the viewers subconscious and consider the weight a simple choice like buying vegetables or a gallon of ice cream. Why are you making this choice and are you really making it. All this blended into an interactive magic experience.

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production team

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dennis friebe

performer / co-writer / producer
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david meneses

U 79345 t 5809932

isis masoud

U 79346 t 6869065

lindsi jeter

performer / producer
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antwan towner


Wednesdays 3pm-6pm!

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Illusion of Choice

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Illusion of Choice is a magic play or "Magical", a narrative expressed through drama and magic. This experience provokes views to consider choices.