Studio C- "New Approach" to Acting

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acting coach · archetypes · character · fun · stories · warm
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CRISMAN COOLEY certified reviewer · June 17, 2017
Johnny very clearly laid out the problem he encountered when he first came to LA, why it is different for actors from New York, London and Chicago: being great won't get you a part. In a colorful compression of a 3-hour monologue to 1 hour, Johnny tells the fascinating story of how he cracked the code in LA--not just for himself, but for his 2750 students from Studio C. Wanna know the secret? Well, you have to come to his studio! ... full review

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RACHEL RATH certified reviewer · June 21, 2017
tagged as: character · archetypes · fun · stories · Acting coach · warm
John Coppola has a formula inspired by his career experiences and proven successful throughout the last 10 years. Through his technique he knocks you back to your basic archetypes which allows you bring YOU to a role. He helps you in your battle of ego vs soul, embrace your power, find your dark and light and get you vibrating on another level. His stories are wonderful. If you are looking to figure out your natural character inclinations and wish to explore how you can exploit them in performance this is certainly a great place to play.... full review

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A 3545 m 8670102

Written by the award winner of 2014 hit Angels and Whiskey and directed by Best Comedy for the DC Fringe winner Branda Lock, we finally answer the question: what happens to gods who have no believers left? Let There Be Thistles: An Ungodly Comedy.

How to be Lazy and Not Feel Guilty

A 3906 m 5114127

In this absurd satire, Jenine overworks herself until she goes insane! Watch her wrestle with a vibrant ensemble of weirdos. This play was workshopped at the 2017 William Inge Festival.