Divorce: The Hip-Hop Musical

musicals and operas · the sound of musical · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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Nominated — THE UNLEASHED AWARD (sponsored by Theatre Unleashed), 2017
Nominated — THE RIPEST SHOW (sponsored by Cherry Poppins Productions), 2017
Nominated — SHOWORKS DON’T WAIT. CREATE! AWARD (sponsored by ShoWorks Entertainment), 2017
Nominated — THE SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE, NEVER IN A BOX AWARD (sponsored by Lumpy-Cramp© Productions & Motor City Fringe Festival), 2017

After sold-out shows at Second City Hollywood, a performance at iO West that definitely broke fire code, and an award-winning run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, DIVORCE is having two encore performances! A hip-hop musical comedy with 12 original songs, written and directed by Conor Hanney. It’s the nuclear option for the nuclear family.

production team

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conor hanney *

U 47906 t 329614

brianna mcclellan *

production coordinator
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rob zaleski *

sound designer

* Fringe Veteran

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