The ABCs

comedy · mooki entertainment · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Please be advised there is no late seating to The ABCs

The ABCs explores fantasy and the imagination in the lives of teenage girls. Navigating the realm between childhood and adult hood, teenage girls are forced to give up the trappings of the young, like imaginary friends. They are thrust in a new, technologically unimaginable adult world filled with fantastical idols like the Kardashians. How can we ask teenagers to give up one fantasy for another? What happens when fantasy, imagination, and social media blend? How do teenagers navigate the world today when their “stories” can only be ten-seconds and will literally disappear on apps like Snapchat? The ABCs follows one girl, Dakota, on her quest for achievable perfection and fantasy fulfilled in a world that tells her that this is possible.

The ABCs was a semi-finalist for the Sundance Institute’s Theater Lab 2016 as well as a semi-finalist for Space on Ryder Farm’s Time and Space 2016. The ABCs has been developed in New York both with Primary Stages’ ESPA and The Pantry reading lab.

production team

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benno rosenwald *

creative producer
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elisabeth rogge *

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sarah cho *

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ashley nichol *

actor - caity
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actor- bella
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josette canilao *

actor - adriana
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lani engstrom *

actor- margot
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diane mcnulty *


* Fringe Veteran

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