Mouthy Bitch

solo performance · reel good girl productions · one person show · United States of America

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Kate Carden knows that, sometimes, keeping your boyfriend in a dog crate is a perfectly logical thing to do. In an unfiltered, no-holds-barred seminar, the self-described interpersonal guru takes her audience on a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of relationships and reality, seasoned with adult language and candid sexual references. It’s everything you wanted to know about relationships but didn’t have the balls to ask. But just when Kate is on the verge of complete clarity, an unexpected discovery changes everything.

production team

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jane walsh *

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dennis bush *

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asia lynn pitts *

kate carden

* Fringe Veteran

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A revival of the 1950s style “Ghost Show,” a horror comedy with spooky magic, a séance, & an immersive blackout sequence. 5 buck tickets for fringers & FREE for Volunteers. Final show Saturday June 23rd 11:55 pm!

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