VINCENT Deconstructed

ensemble theatre · actaeon players · Ages 10+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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Throughout his short life, two selves were at odds in Vincent van Gogh — the artist, who approached divine love (and madness) in his paintings; and the lover, who shared divine love as a family man and a preacher among working people.
This “magical realism” story finds Vincent in the insane asylum, in the worst crisis of his life. Boldly, he splits himself and seizes the last chance to explore the of life of family and preaching that had always beckoned, but always eluded him.
In Italy, living with his former love and her son, he finds a home and a community that needs him. But he also finds he cannot escape the destiny to which he was born — even if it means his death.

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production team

U 39130 t 1015252

mark hein *

U 63872 t 188273

elissa anne polansky *

director, playwright
U 64620 t 3768378

alex walters *

vincent/ enzo
U 64621 t 3240583

tara mcgrath *

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david graham *

projections designer
U 50965 t 8402495

angela eads *

costume designer
Default user image

rebecca schoenberg *

stage manager
U 19081 t 9236581

david macdowell blue *

graphics designer
U 48431 t 3155384
Default user image

hisato masuyama *

voice-over designer
U 16088 t 5013100

graydon schlichter *

U 19770 t 4876982

steve shaw *

sound designerf
U 53054 t 2017278

stacey abrams *

lighting designer
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caitlin mccarthy *


* Fringe Veteran


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