In The Garage

ensemble theatre · studio c artists · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Studio C Artists is proud to present the next in their one act “room” series… IN THE GARAGE. This collection of brand new short plays is a collaboration of 3 producers, 4 directors, 8 writers, and 19 actors and is comprised of 8 plays that all take place in a garage setting. The shows cover a wide variety of topics – There is a nice mix of comedy & drama IN THE GARAGE… where you park your junk!

Studio C Artists will showcase each of the one-acts as part of an alternating schedule – 4 of the plays in one show (“Stand-Alone”) and the other 4 plays (“Attached”) in the next show. The performance dates and times alternate. Please check schedule for details.


“Stand-Alone” – runs 6/11, 6/17, 6/23, 7/9, 7/15, & 7/23
• A CRUMBLING VICE by Damian Padilla – Directed by J. Bailey Burcham; Starring Kim Acquarelli & Andres Solorzano
• A BETTER YOU by Douglas Stark – Directed by John Ross Clark; Starring Meghan Allison, Megan Barker, & John Drouillard
• MY NEW NEIGHBORS by Anne Flanagan – Directed by Tim Powell; Starring Michael Krueger & Jessica Nicole Webb
• JUST LIKE THEM by Chris Widney – Directed by Edgar Pablos; Starring Anthony Rizzuto, Dominick Vicchiullo, & Julian Zambrano

“Attached” – runs 6/11, 6/19, 6/24, 7/9, 7/15, & 7/23
• STUFFED by Jeanette Farr – Directed by Tim Powell; Starring Jessie Franks & Seth Ruffer
• CLAIRE AND PEGGY by Dana Lillie – Directed by John Ross Clark; Starring Nancy Daly & Lisa Deily
• FALL & RISE by Joe Gulla – Directed by J. Bailey Burcham; Starring Ashley Key & Colin Stephens
• MAN IN PERIL by Alex Dremann – Directed by Edgar Pablos; Starring Rishi Arya, Monica Davis, & Brennan W. Penney

Artistic Director: John Coppola
Producer: Michael Sonntag
Writer’s Liaison: Dean Donofrio
Stage Manager: Alex Nicholas
Set Design: Brian Cole

Performance times and dates vary – please check schedule when purchasing tickets.

General Admission – $20.00 ($15 Early Bird*)
Approximate running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

*Use the promo code “earlybird” to get $5 off General Admission seating up to 24 hours prior to the performance.

**Aisle Seating (chair placed in the aisle) and Standing Room (in the back) are also available for discounted prices – generally only desirable once General Admission seating is Sold Out. Go to or contact the theatre at [email protected] or (323) 988-1175 for more information.

production team

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john coppola *

artistic director
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j. bailey burcham *

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john ross clark *

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edgar pablos

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tim powell *

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dean donofrio *

writer's liaison
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douglas stark

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dana lillie

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joe gulla

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chris widney

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alex dremann

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rishi arya

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monica davis *

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* Fringe Veteran

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The sequel to the hilarious and heartwarming 2012 BEST SOLO SHOW winner, TEXAS LOVES LYLA!

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