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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 16, 2016
Great show and definitely an entertaining night out!... full review

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CELINE NYANGA certified reviewer · June 18, 2016
Must Be Comfortable With is a bold, clever, hilarious and necessary show, beautifully staged and performed by a brilliant cast.... full review

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JANE WALSH certified reviewer · June 25, 2016
tagged as: Brilliant!
Daniell and her Power Femes are flat out inspiring. Theatre with an important message. DELIGHTFULLY AND told with an uncomfortable truth that is no longer deniable! TEAM MOUTHY BITCH THANKS YOU!... full review

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DAVID MACDOWELL BLUE certified reviewer · June 21, 2016
My review: QUOTE: "The skits in this range from above average to excellent. Perhaps the surest test of this lies in this fact--I found myself wondering whether in a recent play I'd committed the same gender-based nonsense targeted..."... full review

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ANDREW JOSEPH PEREZ certified reviewer · June 22, 2016
tagged as: comedy · hilarious · satire · sad · feminism · misogyny · Feminist · women · casting · hollywood · LA · Girls · rape culture
Turning the mirror back on the misogyny of the casting process in Hollywood and everywhere with biting satire, witty comedy, and unfortunately extremely true stories.... full review

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JEN ALBERT certified reviewer · June 25, 2016
Really great show! Enjoyed the concept, the performances and that it wasn't preachy. Fascinated that all those stories are true. But it hit close to home, because I have had many of those same things happen to me. Really enjoyed this a show a lot.... full review

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