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Seeking all ages, genders, and ethnicities as audience members for Broads’ Word Ensemble’s new, original comedy MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH. Ability to laugh at quirks of the casting process a plus.

Directed by: Danielle Ozymandias & Adriana Colon

Lacy Altwine, Dana DeRuyck, Tara Donovan, Marian Gonzales, Chevonne Hughes, Maikiko James (u/s), Sylvia Loehndorf, Ilea Matthews, Esther Mira, Dionne Neish, Natalia Ochoa, Danielle Reierson, Jessica Shim

Contributing Writers:
Tara Donovan, Maikiko James, Sylvia Loehndorf, Danielle Ozymandias

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production team

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sylvia loehndorf *

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tara donovan *

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danielle ozymandias *

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dana deruyck *

creative team/cast
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lacy altwine *

creative team/cast
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maikiko james *

creative team/ u/s
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jen albert *

creative team
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dawn alden *

creative team
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adriana colón / colon *

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esther mira *

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* Fringe Veteran

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