The Oy of Sex

comedy · alicia dattner · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States of America

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psychology · comedy · self awareness · self help · sex · solo show · spirituality
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 23, 2016
Alicia Datner is an incredibly talented writer, performer and intelligent woman. ... full review

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CHRISTOPHER PIEHLER certified reviewer · June 24, 2016
A funny and honest journey from celibacy to polyamory and back again!... full review

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GREGOR RETI certified reviewer · June 26, 2016
What an amazing show. Full of courage to reveal all social fears and anxiety. She opened up like a book and we were all able to draw our parallels. Can't wait to see it again, since it is the type of content you can learn from while you laugh. Bravo, well written and performed!... full review

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LAURA PAYNE certified reviewer · June 27, 2016
Excellent honest story-telling which brings to light how humorous our lives truly are. It all depends on how you look at it :)... full review

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