MmHmm: A Killer One Woman Show

solo performance · soaring solo · Ages 17+ · one person show · United States of America

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​Minnie. Mary. Thelma. Martha. Maricela. These are the badass women who have raised our protagonist, Jennifer, a recent college graduate who has just been “graped”. Grape is the newest, hottest term out there for grey rape, which is “a sexual assault that does not fit into the stereotypical confines of rape, but where lines of consent have been misconstrued”. Unable to bring her grapist to justice in a court of law, Jennifer decides she must kill him. But she’ll need all the help she can get from the women who know her best, the MMHMM.

Recommended for: teens, college students, adults, elderly, rape survivors, people that like laughing and then crying immediately after, sexy suffragettes, men (who agree with female equality), “boss-ass bitches”, the ghost of Maya Angelou, and Francis McDormand. Oh, and the singer who wrote “Fight Song”. She’s MORE than invited.

Explored Themes: What is strength?, What does it take to be a strong woman?, What is justice?, What is the justifiable punishment for “accidental rape”?, Rape Culture in America, The many viewpoint of rape and sexual assault, and What is true healing?

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