Sweet Love Adieu (or 'The Bard Gets Hard!')

comedy · rogue shakespeare® · Ages 18+ · United Kingdom

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June 11, 2016

What I liked

If you go expecting Shakespeare you’ll be wrong, and if you expect Monty Python, sorry but Nah! This is a mock-up of Elizabethan comedy, told in rhyming couplets, where the costumes are traditional but the sensibility strictly 21st century where sexually – anything goes! There’s a horny young guy who might be Romeo, and an audacious girl who could be Juliet if she didn’t have an alarming propensity for doing violence to men’s parts (and not only their hearts). There is a slight nudge towards the Romeo & Juliet story, with some swordplay, a balcony and a sleeping potion, yet with a not-so-pious priest who can never get any satisfaction. Still, the show is a free-for-all romp with the cast at full throttle and the plot thrown to the four winds. If this sounds like your cuppa tea, go and enjoy!

What I didn't like

I missed most of the dialogue, (except for Ryan J-W Smith as Narrator/Servant who enunciated perfectly), since the cast rushed through their lines at an inaudibly high pitch.

My overall impression

A play in verse that The Earl of Oxford (Edward de Vere), or Sir Francis Bacon, had nothing to do with.

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