Sweet Love Adieu (or 'The Bard Gets Hard!')

comedy · rogue shakespeare® · Ages 18+ · United Kingdom

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June 11, 2016

tagged as: brilliant · delightful · funny

What I liked

Delightfully entertaining spoof on Romeo and Juliet with a very modern twist. The play is word heavy – which, in the hands of Ryan J-W Smith is a lovely thing. The witticisms are sharp, naughty and fast and give you a feeling of Shakespeare himself. As for actors, the crew is all fantastic. Really. I must say, the priest, Lance Frantzich, was my favorite character. He explodes with naughtyness and provides cutting modern social commentary. I absolutely enjoyed every moment of this play and was blown away by the talent of the actors.

What I didn't like

I offer the following only in service of the writer: like Shakespeare, when the play is so very dependent on language it is imperative that the audience hear every word and have time to process the words. If Sweet Love Adieu has a fault it’s that I had a hard time at moments following the very fast dialogue. I hope you won’t mind this suggestion, but I suggest slowing down the pace – just a bit – so your audience can soak up the words better.

Oh, one more: one of the capes for the characters has two pale circles that were very distracting – I think it’s the blue cape.

My overall impression

Brilliant, bawdy, base, and . . . bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha! Loved this play. It’s exactly what you want to see on a Friday/Saturday night. Damn funny, very professional and left me feeling great. I want to see Macdeath! Huzzah!

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