Sweet Love Adieu (or 'The Bard Gets Hard!')

comedy · rogue shakespeare® · Ages 18+ · United Kingdom

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Review by anonymous certified reviewer

tagged as: witty bawdy

What I liked

The clever, metered writing was brilliant and the performances were passionate. I laughed and blushed throughout and had a wonderful experience.

What I didn't like

For my sensibilities, there was a little too much screaming from the female characters towards the end of the play. That trope feels a little over-done to me. Also, I’d think twice about bringing my grandmother to come see this because of the overtly sexual tone.

My overall impression

The witty and irreverent writing delights and the actors delivered memorable performances. That naughty priest is unforgettable! I laughed harder watching this play than any other I’ve attended. Well done cast and crew of Sweet Adieu!

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The Gag

A 4022 m 3928384

We drink life everyday, and we forget its taste. “I’ve lived for a long time without realizing it” tells David in a monologue to an imaginary man.

"KnowNo's" #fixmysHituation

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When NO, STOP, and MAYBE are forcefully replaced with YES, WEBSTER says to define your crazy, snitch, tell, and fight. When sHituations happen; face'em. Let the blame fall at the feet of those trailing the sHit. Respect the demands of NO.