Sticky Fingers

ensemble theatre · terry anne holzman · Ages 15+ · United States of America

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June 12, 2016

tagged as: Must See · entertaining · surprising · Raw

What I liked

The simplicity of the staging and story. Character driven pieces are my jam.

Sidney Aptaker’s fun-filled performance as the Sephora loving Tiffany and Fiona Lakeland’s subtle take on Winona deserve special mention. But the star performance belongs to Maya Ferrara, whose raw talent shone throughout.

Despite the fact that it is an hour long, it has a “get in, get out” vibe about it. Very fitting for a show about shoplifting.

What I didn't like

Personally felt that Fiona Lakeland’s Jane was pushed a little too hard at times.

My overall impression

This play lives up to the hype. A plethora of stand-out performances.

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