Twelfth Night

ensemble theatre · nomp and students of shakespeare · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 11, 2016
The actors in this production are fabulous with the traditional Shakespeare, lines were delivered as if they are speaking modern dialog. Very entertaining evening!!!... full review

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ROGER CARVALHO · June 11, 2016
Really well done. Strong performances throughout, cast handled the verse very well. They performed the full text, intimately staged, with modern 'interludes' and props. Great show.... full review

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ALVIN BLOCK certified reviewer · June 13, 2016
The Fringe's "Twelfth Night" is an excellent interpretation of Shakespeare's play, performed without elaborate sets, period costumes or magical lighting and sound. The power on stage comes entirely from the work of its actors whose words and actions transform a bare-bones dance studio into Illyria. ... full review

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ANONYMOUS · June 13, 2016
tagged as: modern · shakespeare
Great great show! Had a fun time watching it. Loved the modern interpretation of dialogue.... full review

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AMPARO CHEPOTE certified reviewer · June 20, 2016
Great trained actors, energetic, entertaining, fun. Love all of them, Feste is a stand out, love her character, same as drunken Sir Andrew and Sir Toby, great physicality and facials. All around great actors, costumes of the Duke Orsini and Olivia very classy and contemporary....Viola/Cesario so believable and charming. I am interested in more productions to watch in the future. ... full review

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ANDREW JOSEPH PEREZ certified reviewer · June 22, 2016
tagged as: shakespeare · women · men · confusion · comedy · lol
A clean, clear, and crisp presentation of one of Shakespeare's more challenging texts.... full review

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blue night/perilous night

A 3893 m 9403548

A noir poem written and performed by Julia Newton. 1950s America. Upper mid-central Midwest. Midnight visit to a young female investigator. Decapitated girl on a train track. And it's a comedy! Yay! Well, sort of. Come check it out!


A 3902 m 7387053

To be or not to be, but also, we’re out of toilet paper… There’s no space for soliloquies in this apartment. What happens when three of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters move in together? A sexy, bloody, love triangle.