My Alamo War

solo performance · lean dog mean dog productions · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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CHRISTOPHER PIEHLER certified reviewer · June 10, 2016
My Alamo War was a funny and sad exploration of how hatred can motivate and then eventually destroy people. ... full review

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KONI MCCURDY certified reviewer · June 11, 2016
Ernest Kearney is an exceptional storyteller---his description of his war with the despicable human being that is Tony Alamo was amusing, engrossing, and at times,poetic. Was he tilting at windmills? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.... full review

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CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer · June 19, 2016
It's always the SOLO shows which make or break the Fringe experience, isn't it? I was curious to know more about the genesis of the Alamo Foundation (pronounced "al-AM-o", not "AL-a-mo") and learned a lot of cogent history from this guy, who maniacally devoted two years of his life (1981 and 1982) to tormenting Alamo's followers, and even the Great (in his own eyes) Man himself! An entertaining performance from a surprisingly literate and witty script---written to be published, I'd guess, more than performed. Alamo has gone to his just reward (175 years in prison!) but The Beat Goes On!... full review

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AISHVERYA NIDHI certified reviewer · June 26, 2016
Engaging... full review

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MILES ANDERSON certified reviewer · June 25, 2016
Ernest Kearney is a natural story teller, a balladeer with a rich vocabulary and a colorful life, he makes me laugh.... full review

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