My Alamo War

solo performance · lean dog mean dog productions · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 19, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

Interesting and Informative Personal History of a Bogus “Movement”

What I didn't like

A little TOO passionate and personal, sometimes.

My overall impression

It’s always the SOLO shows which make or break the Fringe experience, isn’t it? I was curious to know more about the genesis of the Alamo Foundation (pronounced “al-AM-o”, not “AL-a-mo”) and learned a lot of cogent history from this guy, who maniacally devoted two years of his life (1981 and 1982) to tormenting Alamo’s followers, and even the Great (in his own eyes) Man himself! An entertaining performance from a surprisingly literate and witty script—-written to be published, I’d guess, more than performed.
Alamo has gone to his just reward (175 years in prison!) but The Beat Goes On!

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