Cockroach Dialogues

comedy · second skin theatre · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States of America

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absurdist · dark comedy · dialogue · alternative · comedy · funny · musical · tragicomedy
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 10, 2016
Laugh, cry and reflect... full review

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EILEEN WEINER certified reviewer · June 19, 2016
tagged as: Dark Comedy · Absurdist
A cockroach I wrote a funny song about once got me a spot on the Disney Channel. So I have to admit I'm prejudiced. Even so, like Kafka before me, I anthropomorphized the insect. In this play, the cockroach retains his roachiness in thought and deed. He seems to veritably scurry across the stage, and I'm convinced if a cockroach could talk, he'd sound exactly like Demetris Hartman. He is the voice of reason to Wayne, played with pathos by Mark Binet, the more hapless of the hapless LA couple trying to make it. Jay Lawrence Kiman as Bob, the music promoter, embodies evil incarnate as he attempts to seduce Tea, the female singer of the couple, played by beautiful songstress Kate Poisson. This play was riveting from start to finish. There is ... full review

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JANET KUSNICK certified reviewer · July 14, 2016
Astonishing! Brilliantly concieved and performed.... full review

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ANNA MCGRATH certified reviewer · June 20, 2016
tagged as: Dark Comedy · comedy
I loved the play. It has a perfect running time of just under an hour. All the elements of the stage were stitched together perfectly by the director. Well worth going to take a look.... full review

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