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solo performance · lauren sarah young · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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“Hey there, Summertimers.”

With these words we meet Sutton Summers: future media mogul, current college applicant, and always on top. When Sutton’s indulgent parents suddenly decide they want their daughter to get into an elite college “on her own” they hire a college counselor, Liza Quinn, to supervise the process. In Sutton’s world, money is no object and rejection is something that happens to other people…or does it? What follows is a saga spanning thousands of miles, hundreds of pages of essay drafts, and dozens of college campuses, all chronicled in one young woman’s video blog.

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"How 'bout a game?"

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The rules are simple, you must be 21+ to join us at Three Clubs for this...Dinner Party...Yes, you too can drink, it makes it "immersive", right?!

One Brief Moment of Joy

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