lady barbe-bleue · Ages 18+ · world premiere · France

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June 20, 2016 certified reviewer

tagged as: Absurdist · surprising · political · hilarious

What I liked

The moment Uterine Affairs began, I knew I was in for an incredible, absurdist and hilarious ride. This is what Fringe is supposed to be— non-linear, surprising, experimental, and about something. The first few scenes were so funny that I laughed pretty much all the way through. Some of the audience had to get used to the tone/style and it took them time to realize the absurdism— but by the middle of the show, all were laughing. The multi-national cast were not only visually stunning, but incredibly interesting in their movement and acting choices. Matthew Rigdon stood out as the priest (intense focus and hilarious character), as did Mariana Montes as the protagonist (excellent moment to moment work and emotional authenticity), Martin Rayner as Dr. Gabriel (he can just blink and he makes you laugh—impeccable comedic skills), and Katt Balsan as Dr. Jezebel (very interesting physicality). The writing and direction by Celine Nyanga are absolutely fantastic.

What I didn't like

Even when the pace slowed or it seemed that perhaps someone missed a line, the messiness of these moments added to the experience for me. I felt surprised and off kilter and I loved it.

My overall impression

An excellent absurdist piece, well written, directed and hilariously acted. What the Fringe should be about!

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