The Big Snake

comedy · paris avenue productions · Ages 1+ · family friendly · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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THE BIG SNAKE OR HOW I GOT EATEN ALIVE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION & LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT! is the full title, but the Fringe site won’t allow a title that long. The show is an American farce, a play within a play. The theater world meets TV World as characters watch a young Hollywood producer attempt to create a hit reality TV show by feeding a live man to a giant snake!

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  • production team

    U 30124 t 5821455

    tom cavanaugh *

    U 31655 t 201445

    bob telford *

    the director
    U 20419 t 4858148

    marina palmier *

    the patron of the arts
    U 30646 t 4778849

    mary cavaliere *

    the ticket buyer
    U 14941 t 9894162

    mykee selkin *

    U 64136 t 5938514

    steven robert wollenberg *

    the announce & mr. big
    U 33154 t 3430093

    anita leeman *

    U 24443 t 8185643

    debbie blount *

    front of house manager
    U 30156 t 5730117

    damien luvara *

    jake the snake
    U 64452 t 8505724

    de ann marie odom *

    the romantic
    U 32343 t 9894990

    allan steele *

    the critic
    U 64665 t 3330988

    louise martin *

    unga, a riozonian
    U 64916 t 3413779

    stephanie reading *

    gunga the riozonian
    U 30387 t 8015739

    sardia robinson *

    riozonian swing performer
    U 64463 t 8252535

    * Fringe Veteran

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