The Father, The Son & The Holy Sh!t

solo performance · midnight drive productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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HELENA COSENTINO certified reviewer · June 10, 2016
tagged as: funny · genuine · Brave · vulnerable · heartfelt
Genuine, Real, Brave, Funny and wow what a unique story. Shadley is a natural storyteller who captures the essence of his crazy and challenging life experiences and presents it in a funny and heartfelt way. It was entertaining and thought provoking. ... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 11, 2016
Shadley's performance is raw and beautifully authentic. He mesmorizes the audience with his moving and outrageous story and takes them on a journey of being vulnerable, courageous and simply weird. ... full review

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TRACY HELD POTTER certified reviewer · June 13, 2016
A confessional story about processing a significant relationship told with such a direct voice that I could trust the journey that Shadley was taking us on. A fascinating life story to learn about.... full review

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DEXTER COLLINS · June 16, 2016
What Shadley Grei has experienced in his life would crush the souls of most people. But Shadley made it through the fire with his soul very much intact to share his story of abandonment, longing, reunion, and ultimately, rejection. His candidness is brave and inspiring. He wields dark humor like a weapon. You will laugh. Your heart will break. You will recognize your own family's dysfunction. You will laugh some more. And you will want to give Shadley a great big hug. What doesn't kill you makes you a weirdo with moxie!... full review

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LAURA CHAPLIN certified reviewer · June 16, 2016
The show is aptly named since "Holy Shit" is what you will be thinking throughout; that and "This can't be true" and then "Holy Shit" again as you realize that it is true. Shadley gives you a raw and real look into a story that if told any other way would be sad but he injects humor in such a way that you'll be laughing the whole time. ... full review

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My favorite Fringe shows are the ones that can either keep me entertained the full hour or leave me with new thoughts and emotions for hours after I walk away, and this show did both. You walk in not knowing what to expect, but you walk out a changed person with a new friend named Shadley. ... full review

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