The Father, The Son & The Holy Sh!t

solo performance · midnight drive productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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HELENA COSENTINO certified reviewer · June 10, 2016
tagged as: funny · genuine · Brave · vulnerable · heartfelt
Genuine, Real, Brave, Funny and wow what a unique story. Shadley is a natural storyteller who captures the essence of his crazy and challenging life experiences and presents it in a funny and heartfelt way. It was entertaining and thought provoking. ... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 11, 2016
Shadley's performance is raw and beautifully authentic. He mesmorizes the audience with his moving and outrageous story and takes them on a journey of being vulnerable, courageous and simply weird. ... full review

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TRACY HELD POTTER certified reviewer · June 13, 2016
A confessional story about processing a significant relationship told with such a direct voice that I could trust the journey that Shadley was taking us on. A fascinating life story to learn about.... full review

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LAURA CHAPLIN certified reviewer · June 16, 2016
The show is aptly named since "Holy Shit" is what you will be thinking throughout; that and "This can't be true" and then "Holy Shit" again as you realize that it is true. Shadley gives you a raw and real look into a story that if told any other way would be sad but he injects humor in such a way that you'll be laughing the whole time. ... full review

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Final two shows! Sat at 7pm, Sun at 3pm

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Who knew that being afraid of tubas would be the most reasonable thing going on these days? Come see us. Share a heartfelt laugh. Let the storytelling push away our fears. Participants PYWC Volunteers are free.