Time Stands Still

ensemble theatre · wolf jump productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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Encore! Producers Award Winner

What critics are saying…

“Under Daniel Travis’ direction, passion is found within glances that permeate the pregnant silences. The juxtaposition of the two couples and their rise and fall is communicated not though tallied text but witihin the metered inhales. The skilled cast lightly coats this play with brilliant timing and an understanding of the power of professionally placed pauses. Within those pauses time truly does stand still; and this amazing cast reaches emotional newness.

Time Stands Still is a must see for any Fringe-goer that enjoys the sensation of feeling!"
Mirage Thrams – Bitter Lemons

FULL REVIEW: http://socal.bitter-lemons.com/learn/article/3445

What audiences are saying…

“A must see play this year at Fringe.”
“I cannot believe there will be a better performance at this year’s Fringe.”
“Great play. Great acting.”
“Phenomenal cast.”
“…acted excellently by four gifted artists…”
“…these talented actors breathed beautiful life and honesty into each moment.”
“Definitely one of the most moving plays that Fringe has to offer.”
“Beautifully written piece performed by four outstanding actors.”
“The acting is superb, the direction is excellent and the story is powerful…”

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production team

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eric larson *

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lauren shein *

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ken weiler *

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tashia gates *

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daniel travis *


* Fringe Veteran


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