Friends Like These

ensemble theatre · theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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“Friends Like These” takes a candid and poignant look at the staggering issue of violence in our high schools. Garrett is an outsider who spends most of his troubled existence in a fantasy world called Haven…that is until he meets Nicole, the popular cheerleader with a curious mind. As quickly as things begin looking up for Garrett, they come crashing down, forcing him to face both his past mistakes and his harsh present reality while he struggles for redemption. This gut-wrenching piece unswervingly explores the emotional trauma brought on by social mores during high school, forcing a confrontation with the causes and tragic consequences that left us staggered as a nation during Columbine and other high school shootings.

production team

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gregory crafts *

playwright / producer

* Fringe Veteran

13th Grade

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A New 90’s Musical Comedy in the vein of “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Strangers With Candy,” and “Saved by the Bell.” 13TH GRADE is College. Kind of. Whatever.