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lyrical · abstract · modern · movement · music · philosophical · post-apocalyptic · post-modern
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JOHN LANDRIE · June 07, 2015
A formidable achievement in modern theater hidden in the recesses of the Asylum Theater. This play claims to examine the marvel of life, but goes further than that playing wistfully with the lives of beings born of a higher vernacular. This is a philosophical piece that doesn't lose itself in its own philosophy or self importance. It's quite funny and moving in equal measures. We follow Aila into life after drowning (afterlife? (you decide)) in the world of I Am, a character of literal reflection, and the Being, a kinetic entity flowing between events. Between Aila's estranged daughter, the scientists, a martyr, the stoners, not just one genre of theater is represented. While abstraction is paramount for such a piece, nothing need be lef... full review

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DRINA DURAZO · June 26, 2015
I actually saw this show accidently. I was trying to see another show but when it seemed they started early, I rant next door to this production not knowing what to expect. Boy was I surprised! I was immediately entranced by the abstract work I experienced. Experience is a key word because this was a production you didn't just watch, but you experienced from the moment you entered the space. The music, atmospheric projections, and odd figures which occupied the stage pre-show really transformed the space and welcomed the audience into a different world. The show itself was very different, and as I said, abstract. It was a work of art. An exercise in storytelling on life and death, told through technology, and interpretive movements. I really... full review

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