Eleanor's Story: An American Girl in Hitler's Germany

solo performance · offending shadows · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States of America

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REBECCA SIGL · June 08, 2015
This show was absolutely lovely! The charming actress transforms seamlessly into different characters in the life of Eleanor, who happens to be the actresses grandmother in real life. The experience of witnessing a granddaughter tell her grandmother's story spoke to the heart of storytelling tradition on a meta level. She gives us the living breathing depiction of an experience being passed from generation to generation. I really loved that aspect of this show. The story itself is based on an autobiography of the same name. It gives the audience a perspective of WWII that has not been as heavily featured in pop culture as others, and that is that of the citizens of Berlin. Really thought provoking, at times harrowing, and really beautiful. I... full review

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CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer · June 15, 2015
I was quick to buy a ticket for this show, because it had the ring of authentic History---and I was not disappointed! Ingrid Garner has skillfully adapted her own grandmother's story of being a child relocated from America to Nazi Germany throughout WWII, and after. She herself plays all the parts, abetted by a rear-projection screen with black-and-white stills of the 1940s. It's a completely riveting hour, although her adaptation didn't answer all of the questions which occurred to me as I was watching it. However, she graciously answered them herself, after the show in the lobby as she was plugging her grandma's own paperback book! Only one thing detracted, markedly: she wore throughout the ugliest dress I've ever seen on ANY stage! It... full review

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MONICA BRAUNSTEIN certified reviewer · June 08, 2015
"Eleanor's Story" was a unique WWII true tale. Garner poignantly portrays multiple characters in her grandmother's life as a child to an adolescent in Nazi Germany. An amazing counterpoint to Anne Frank's diary.... full review

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CRYSTAL DIAZ · June 21, 2015
Highly recommend! The solo actress seamlessly transforms from one character to the other to tell this tale of an American family in WW2 Berlin (her grandmother's story). You grow up with Eleanor and her experiencing the loss of innocence through war is visceral. ... full review

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