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dance & physical theatre · dehati girls · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 15 mins to 20 mins · United States · ·
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Original Score: Sollitari
Written by: Homa Dashtaki
Performances by: Aling Zhang, Lennon Hobson, Kammi Rockette, Kellsy M, Stephanie Simpson, Dale Shieh and Tanya Beatty.

“Ecdysis” is the process by which a snake sheds skin. We tell the story of this process through dance, music, colors and lights.

A series of seven solos, telling the story of transformation in the processing of collecting and getting rid of baggage—and eventually finding your own voice. Original score by Los Angeles composer Solitari.

The first impression love made on her was a sweet one, when she was very young, innocent and oblivious. And every chapter since leaves it’s own unique, cherished mark on her, at times making her wiser and other times holding her back. What happens at the end will not surprise you, but it will make you proud to have known her.


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Tiananmen Annie

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TIANANMEN ANNIE is a comedic and heartfelt coming of age story about finding your Chinese soul while getting swept up in a revolution. It is Ann's true story of living in Beijing as a student in 1988-1989, and working for CNN during the Tiananmen Square Uprising. Told through the voices of the people that shaped Ann's year including one of the hunger strikers and an old-woman with bound feet, Ann weaves a story of hope and loss against a background of China on the brink of change.