Coming To Zimbabwe

solo performance · attic studios · Ages 12+ · family friendly · one person show · United States of America

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ABBY SCHACHNER · June 23, 2014
James told this incredibly rich, beautiful story, with such ease and grace... I'm wondering if James really works for the airlines, because honestly, you're going to want to get a ticket and get down to Zimbabwe after seeing this show. (no joke). A great story, a main character you wanna root for, and a tribute to a country that most of us know nothing about... but will fall in love with... just like James. Don't let the distance on Western Ave. fool you. This theatre is adorable, close, cool, and you're in good hands with James. And not to sound too hollywood-ish, but out of all the solo shows I've seen for the fringe, the one's got 'screenplay' written all over it. This show would translate onto screen in a snap. And audiences would ... full review

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JUNE CARRYL · June 14, 2014
tagged as: journey · inspirational · moving
A deeply moving journey told with great flair and humor. Great show.... full review

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TODD HURTUBISE certified reviewer · June 30, 2014
Enjoyed the show - appreciate the actor sharing his personal story and how he got from a place of desperation where he felt beaten to a better place and seeing the good in the world. ... full review

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CARLA EPSTEIN · June 28, 2014
YES! YES! YES!! Go see this one-man show. A true account of his trip to "Zim", very well spoken,written,and delivered. It moved me to tears!! literally, it has no glitz,glam or glitter, just James, telling the "story" of his trip in such an attention keeping manner, the hour went by in a snap!! A tribute to the human heart and our need for meaning in life and being open to how to find it!!... full review

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STARINA JOHNSON · June 19, 2016
Inspirational. Moving. I really enjoyed it. It was also very educational.... full review

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KARL HALEY certified reviewer · June 24, 2016
tagged as: sincere · fact-based · honest
A very good piece on the constructive power of teaching and travel.... full review

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