Lost Moon Radio presents Million Dollar Hair

comedy · lost moon radio · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States

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Lost Moon Radio (“Top of the Fringe” 2012, “Best of Comedy” 2011) invites you to celebrate the life and death of fictional music icon Bernie Schonfeld in this unforgettable tribute concert. Over five decades in the industry, the groundbreaking music producer, record label owner, and amateur homeopath made history with his nontraditional taste and unforgettable haircut. Learn of his adventures (and scandals!) from the rock stars, legends, and family members who knew Bernie best in this song (and joke!) filled evening. If you combined Dylan going electric with the premiere of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” and poured it over the Beatles at Shea Stadium, that event wouldn’t be half as big as Million Dollar Hair.

Learn More at lostmoonradio.com.

production team

U 319 t 9937877

monica miklas *

U 4923 t 7314389

lauren ludwig *

U 1100 t 8404448

frank smith *

actor/writer/asst. director
U 8243 t 301457

ryan harrison *

U 3496 t 5914919

dylan ris *

music director/composer/musician
U 3517 t 5438799

lauren flans *

U 31672 t 621316

hayley waters *

stage manager

dan oster *

U 9408 t 8545737

brenton kossak *

U 15454 t 4691545

leslie korein *

U 6972 t 6349409
U 410 t 7853004

brandon baruch *

lighting designer
U 19941 t 4632251

rachel weir *

costume designer
U 19943 t 1101994

brittany blouch *

properties designer
U 18264 t 3370422

dan wessels *

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victor carracedo *

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eric kalver *

U 4843 t 9822196

michael wells *


* Fringe Veteran

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