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“Chloe’s a drag queen. She’s got somebody tied up on her sofa. Also, that boy and that girl keep breakin’ up and yellin’ about it. Cue the music.”

-Once More, With Feeling
An New Play by Christina Cigala

Once More, With Feeling is a woman’s quest to find her voice, to claim her courage, and finish her script. The play within a play starts with a song and ends with, well, almost a spell.

It all started on the Subway… a feverish one-act written after a messy breakup. Then the playwright heard an urban legend about a snake and its owner, and everything came together. Somehow, these stories seem congruent. The snake begins to stretch, and so do the limits of this relationship. A story about the devourer and the devouee’. Who will eat whom first?

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never look at a snake the same way again. Either way, you’ve never seen anything like it.


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"What's Your Pleasure?"

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A single expectant mother needs to make ends meet. So what does she do? Start a phone sex line, of course. Leave the kids at home and get ready to answer one simple question...What's your pleasure?