Lincoln Adjacent: Three Plays NOT About Abraham Lincoln

ensemble theatre · onion creek productions · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · 75 mins · United States

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What did Mary Todd Lincoln’s dressmaker Elizabeth Keckley reveal about the former First Lady in her tell-all book?

Why did John Wilkes Booth REALLY shoot the Great Emancipator?

What secret still haunted Frederick Douglass long after he secured black men’s right to vote?

production team

U 249 t 6680685

roger mason

U 13169 t 4765013

nastassia cordeiro

marketing director
U 29704 t 6817651

stephen blackburn

U 30632 t 4092893

consuelo flores

associate producer
U 30649 t 2053170

luise heath

actor - elizabeth keckley
U 22936 t 1712697

nils jansson

actor - john wilkes booth
U 3002 t 232074

ann ryerson

actor - mary todd lincoln
U 30650 t 7345427

rif hutton

actor - frederick douglass
U 30754 t 3038570

victoria quintanar

production manager
U 32062 t 9946595

julianne just

U 32202 t 9772721

chris porter

music director
U 32298 t 938584

casey ford alexander

graphic designer
U 18583 t 4067145

benjamin scuglia

stage manager

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