The Trial of Dali

comedy · pro arte productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States

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“TheTrial of Dali” is a comedic play set in 1948 Spain that depicts the legal troubles of the flamboyant Surrealist, artist Salvador Dali. Dali and his wife and muse Gala, return from the U.S. to Dali’s small home town of Figueres, in his native Spain, at a time when Dali is broken financially and artistically (although he would never admit it). Upon arrival, Dali is served with a summons to a trial prosecuted by a vengeful attorney bent on proving Dali’s art has violated the moral code. Ultimately to win his freedom, prove his relevance as an artist, and save his marriage, Dali must defend himself by defending his art. Be ready to “get surreal,” in this humorous, satirical play.

production team

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andrew jacob

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patrick ian moore

salvador dali
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lisa farber

stage manager, sound design
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trace oakley

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stacey abrams

light designer
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rita cannon

board op
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karen ipock

set design, props
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robert bruce

Default user image

natalie o'brien

costume designer
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Default user image

cassondra vincent*

isabel canto, prosecutor
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rigg kennedy*

andy warhol
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miriam canfield

maya, paralegal
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emilio borelli*

pablo picasso
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jennifer miller

box office manager

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