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“The Last Train” (Le Dernier Train), a prison life closed door, is more about confinement in the emotional sense than in the literal one. It is a thriller, cynical and dark, with the style borrowed from cinema, it offers a new vantage point and feelings for its “spectators.” The work is a tribute—a kind of, to all the victims who suffer having been attacked or raped by people who cannot feel empathy, psychopaths. It tells them: you have nothing to forgive yourself, you did nothing wrong—never. Psychopaths are not necessarily ugly guys, stinking and looking bad. They are often handsome, pleasant and clever. This is where danger lies. It is a warning. For the author: writing this play gave her a way to talk about human beings—their obsessions, their secrets, their awareness of loss. To silently shout messages.

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james svatko

executive producer/"jack"
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justin morosa

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Curious Conversations

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Curious Just Got Curiouser! Alice is back in Wonderland with all of her favorite characters from the book! A new spin on Lewis Carroll’s classic characters! Show runs May 29- June 28, 2015. Fri. & Sat. at 8:00, Sun. at 2:00. Also Thursdays at 8:00 on June 11 and June 18. $18. To reserve call (818) 508-3003 or visit