Can You Hear Me Now?

theatre · phoebe neidhardt · United States

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Your cellphones, laptops, Kindles, and paperbacks can’t keep you safe forever…Break out of your bubble and surrender to the surreal silliness of Phoebe Neidhardt’s seamless transformation into a virtual cast of LA’s most bizarre, tenderly misguided, and desperately hopeful characters. Believe it or not, she fits right in.

Life at the DMV - it’s where LA’s melting pot boils on the back burner and time stops until your number’s up.

Can You Hear Me Now? Is a 55-minute solo show orginally created by actor Phoebe Neidhardt for a 2009 production at Brown University where it enjoyed professional theatrical acclaim in Providence and New York City.

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Incoming fire has the right of way

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Crisis PR firm Klein & St. Jude battle dark forces, and themselves, to rescue a woman’s company from a conspiracy to crush her. Enter a shadow world, where power and greed are the ultimate currency.

Your A.I. therapist is here.

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Preview 6/3 @ 7 pm discounted tickets $5 WINNER: West Hollywood's One City One Pride festival scholarship!