Unmoderated: Readings from the TheEastsiderLa.Com Comments

ensemble theatre · the eastsider · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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MONICA MIKLAS · June 09, 2013
A thoughtful and well-curated piece of documentary theater. As a resident of Echo Park and reader of EastsiderLA.com (especially the comments section), hearing the comments aloud was profound and sometimes shocking. The selection of several evolving stories, some funny, one tragic, made me think more deeply about the neighborhood I call home. A must-see for Eastside residents and anyone grappling with the question of what it means to be a community.... full review

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J.B. WATERMAN · June 14, 2013
This show connects you to the neighborhoods of Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Highland Park ways you've never felt before. Because it's a dramatisation of actual, real responses of people in The Eastsider, you learn the history of each area, but more importantly you learn the voices and character of each neighborhood. You get to hear old silver lake residents reminisce about the days when Silver Lake was filled with Hippies and homosexuals. You get to hear specific stories about the life of the Echo Park Lake boathouse over the decades, the way people describe gentrification and the way they cope with neighborhood change. This play is about things we feel everyday, because we intimately connected to few things more than our neighborhood... full review

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RYAN HARRISON · June 16, 2013
I loved this show. It's a wonderfully crafted adaptation of the comments section of the Eastsider website by Rory Mitchell which gives you an on-the-ground look at the history and daily life of the neighborhoods of Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Highland Park. It's at times laugh-at-loud funny and at times serious and sad. You'll leave feeling like you've met your neighbors.... full review

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ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer · June 09, 2013
If you live on The Eastside of LA - this show is for you! Extremely relavent, extremely diverse, and elegantly simple. The show about living in LA that every person in LA can relate to, more or less. ... full review

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LIZZIE PRESTEL · June 24, 2013
If you live in Los Angeles, you will love this show. If you live in any city, you will love it. You will probably also love it if you live in any town, village, or hamlet. Any place where some people notice a new building going up as say, "I guess there's a new building going up," while other people notice that same building going up and vow swift and ruinous vengeance. It's everything you wanted to know about the East Side but were too lazy to look up and a reassuring reminder that the crazy people who write comments on internet blogs, while hilarious, are also kind of adorable. Congrats to Rory Mitchell and the cast.... full review

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MATTHEW HAYES certified reviewer · June 17, 2013
This is fantastic. Both hysterical and touching. Even if you don't live or aren't familiar with the east side, it's nice to get a glimpse into the history, and the ongoing developments. You really get a sense from this that LA, despite it's massive size, is really just a city of small neighborhoods. See it!... full review

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KATI CERNIGLIA certified reviewer · June 17, 2013
Unmoderated is fresh, new, and a delight to see. It is incredibly well directed by the talented Rory Mitchell. ... full review

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