Unmoderated: Readings from the TheEastsiderLa.Com Comments

ensemble theatre · the eastsider · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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Hear us on KCRW: http://blogs.kcrw.com/whichwayla/2013/06/new-play-brings-eastsider-las-blog-comments-to-life

It’s like “Our Town,” if “Our Town” had more arguments about hipsters and gentrification.

The anonymity of the commenters shields their identity and allows for trolls and inflammatory screeds, but also provides a space for sometimes too-honest dialogue between members of the community who would otherwise ignore each other as they pass on the street.

The comments herein have been culled from the thousands of comments left in 2012 and presented by a group of professionals trained to elicit the humor and emotion of a slice of life of some of our cities most dynamic communities.

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Women & hip hop. Through dance, beatbox and spoken word, 3 women share their fears, faults and journeys to self-awareness. Never again asking permission but speaking with vision in the first person: I am enough, I am brave, I am an American.