You Make Me Physically ILL: Episode 2 "Love Never Dies"

comedy · seat of your pants productions · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · world premiere · United States

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Review by JEFF LAUB
June 25, 2013

My overall impression

The conceit of staging a Broadway musical in a strip club (with the patrons unaware of why the women on stage are singing ballads instead of stripping) is funny and clever, and this central idea goes a long way towards carrying the show during the times when the jokes aren’t landing.

This is a broad, dumb, sophomoric, offensive show (as it fully intends to be). The actors are energetic and fully committed to the material, which yields a lot of enjoyment that the material wouldn’t do on its own. The show succeeds much more at being entertaining than it does at being funny (the climactic dance number goes for sensuality more than comedy, which is a bit of an odd tonal shift).

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