THE FEVER by Wallace Shawn (Updated Version)

solo performance · lighthouse productions · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

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ANONYMOUS · June 20, 2013
Nice review for THE FEVER from the Los Angeles Post today: "....Light brings it to life at the Fringe. Brad does an excellent job spilling the words out as if they are coming from his gut. I hung onto every word waiting with enthusiasm for the next sentence. I highly recommend this interesting and well-produced production." Take a look at the whole review: full review

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DENNIS MUSTARD · June 23, 2013
Brad Light connects so well with the audience that he seemed to be talking directly to me and I forgot I was watching a play. He brought an incredibly complex character into real life, sharing the sadness and introspection, the guilt and rage, the compassion and indifference, the humor and the bitterness as he discovers an imperfect world and questions his own reactions to it. Exciting and though provoking! Amazing performance!... full review

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CHERYL WATSON certified reviewer · June 17, 2013
In Wallace Shawn's The Fever actor Brad Light gives an electrifying performance. I was completely riveted by the subject matter and the clarity and richness of his nuanced performance. None of Shawn's questions are answered and that is the way it should be. The questions are relevant and completely uncomfortable. After the performance was over I felt drained and perplexed. Exactly the way I should feel. Mr. Light gives everything he has and then some! Credit also goes to directors Rebecca Sigl and Christopher Neiman for helping their actor navigate difficult and dangerous waters. The pacing and timing was spot on! ... full review

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ANONYMOUS · June 24, 2013
The Fever confronted me with questions I didn't want to answer, but can't stop thinking about. What do we do when we know that almost everything about the basis of our capitalistic lives has succeeded at the expense of others? Even more riveting than the content of the play is the performance by Brad C. Light. He's so endearing to watch because he makes the struggle completely personal; and in so doing reminds me that I struggle as well. He is emotionally available and committed to the piece as if he wrote it himself. A real powerhouse. Don't miss it!... full review

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KIRSTEN VANGSNESS certified reviewer · June 28, 2013
Great acting and directing!... full review

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DEBBIE JAFFE certified reviewer · June 22, 2013
Brad Light was so accessible and real and full. This was quite fascinating because it wasn't really acting....but it was ;) I felt like this man was really in the midst of this crisis and sharing it with me. I definitely recommend The Fever!... full review

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